Are you interested in working with the SLDL team? We would love to hear more about your interests and find ways to collaborate! Please contact the PI, Hae Yeon to learn more about the opportunities to join our team or participate in our ongoing research projects. Thank you for your interest in our work!

For Parents and Teens

We are currently conducting several in-lab and online studies with our research team. Particularly, we are looking to recruit adolescents (ages 12-18) and their parents for studies that seek to understand young people’s social-emotional development, social behavior, the use of social media, and well-being.

To participate, please view/download our study flyers below and follow the QR code to sign up for the study online. The QR codes on the flyers will redirect you to the study sign-up forms. We will be in touch with you soon for scheduling!

Once scheduled, our research team will follow up with your session schedule and activities via WhatsApp and email. If you have more general inquiries about our research projects, please email us at < >. Thank you so much for your consideration and interest in our research work!

For Undergraduate and Graduate Trainees

Are you interested in pursuing Master’s and Doctoral programs, or an honors thesis project under Dr. Lee’s supervision? Dr. Lee will be accepting both Master’s and Doctoral students in the coming academic year, so drop an email with your CV/resume and a brief research statement for consideration.

Are you a graduate or undergraduate student who is seeking a research assistant position to gain more hands-on research experience? We are currently recruiting and interviewing volunteering RAs for Summer-Fall 2023 semesters. Also, we will be hiring a research coordinator for the SLDL lab who can help manage ongoing research projects as a lead coordinator in collaboration with graduate students and a team of undergraduate RAs. If you wish to apply for such positions, email Dr. Lee at < > with your CV/resume and a brief statement of purpose. Typically, job ads for paid RA positions will be posted on the NSWS website.

For undergraduate RAs, please complete the RA application form prior to contacting the PI. We will set up an interview meeting at the earliest possible date until the positions are filled.

Lab Contact Info

Hae Yeon Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
National University of Singapore, Department of Psychology
Yale-NUS College, Division of Social Sciences

Office Phone: (+65) 6516 8857
Mailing Address:
Block AS4 #02-22
9 Arts Link
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117570

Office: AS4 block Level 2, Room 22
Lab: AS4 block Level 3, Room 22
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