Some fun memories from our lab gatherings, academic events, and more with students and community members.

April 2023, Dr. Scott Griffiths, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow from the University of Melbourne visited our lab and gave a guest lecture on Social Media and Eating Disorders. Photos with Dr. Karen Pooh who kindly organized the guest lecture during her clinical therapy class; and also with Yale-NUS College psychology major students.

April 2023, NTU School of Social Sciences Cognitive Behavioural Research Cluster Talk.
Dr. Lee presented her research on promoting resilience in everyday social context by synthesizing and sharing the lessons learned from school field mindset intervention projects. Photos with Dr. Setoh Pei Pei, the Director of the NTU Early Cognition Lab and her team. We look forward to more opportunities for collaboration and cross-training!

March 2023, SRCD conference in Salt Lake City, Utah
Meryl Yu (Yale-NUS Psychology Class of 2022) presented her honours thesis project at the SRCD poster session. In this pilot study, she applied the values-alignment intervention approach to empathy and perspective taking in adolescence, and tested whether the intervention can reduce Singaporean adolescents’ relationally aggressive behaviours towards peers. We are excited to extend the study and learn more about how the intervention changes adolescent behavior!

May 2022, Psychology Capstone Poster Session at Agora
The SLDL senior students presented their year-long capstone thesis projects to fellow YNC students and faculty. Thank you, Lin Min (onsite support), Shyartiana (onsite support), JX (photographer), and Rachel (event poster designer), for contributing to successful event hosting!

May 2022, SLDL lab meeting
Congratulations to Meryl, Nicole, and Stefan for their commencement and the new chapters beyond Yale-NUS!