Our scholarly work has been made possible through invaluable mentorship and collaborative efforts among a diverse group of scholars and students at various institutions across the globe. Here, we acknowledge some of their profiles, with the hope of facilitating more active networking and intellectual collaboration onward.


David S. Yeager, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
The University of Texas at Austin
Adolescent Development Research Group
National Mindset Innovation Network

Gregory M. Walton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Stanford University, homepage
The College Transition Collaborative
Mindset Scholars Network

Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology
Stanford University
Mindset Scholars Network

Jeremy P. Jamieson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Rochester
Social Stress Lab

Robert A. Josephs, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
The University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Neuroendocrinology Lab

Eddie Brummelman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Amsterdam
Research Institute of Child Development and Education, homepage


Belinda Yan Shu Cheng
(Class of 2021, Psychology)

Belinda is a senior student at Yale-NUS College majoring in Psychology. She was born in China, and grew up in New Zealand and is currently studying at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Her academic and career interests include adolescent development, mental health support, college adjustment and social emotional learning (SEL). She enjoys traveling, music, embroidery, skating and poetry writing. Her current capstone thesis project explores simple ways to enhance resilience and positive college adjustments for first-year students during their transition process. 

Yashmit Lepcha
(Class of 2021, Psychology)

Yashmit chose to become a Psychology major when she realized that studying for her “Introduction to Psychology” class brought her genuine joy and excitement. Within the field of Psychology, her passion falls in Clinical Psychology and she aspires to one day become a Clinical Psychologist. Yashmit hopes to counsel teenagers and young adults, and promotes mental health. Her undergraduate thesis explores the effects of virtual social interactions on college students’ self-views and emotions.

Stefan Liew Jing Rui
(Class of 2022, Psychology)

Stefan is a psychology major at Yale-NUS College with specific interests in the fields of affective science and mental health. Alongside his academic commitments, Stefan spends his time working with youths facing adversity and their families in Singapore. Through working at the intersection between community and youth development, Stefan hopes to contribute to the reduction of social and health inequalities in Singapore through empowering young lives and building strong communities that youths of all backgrounds can thrive in. In his free time, Stefan enjoys Floorball and playing the bass guitar!

Nicole Anoushka Nazareth
(Class of 2022, Psychology)

Nicole is a senior at Yale-NUS majoring in Psychology and minoring in Arts and Humanities with a focus in performing arts. Her focus is on clinical psychology and she hopes to get her PhD and practice as a clinical psychologist; she explores this by being part of the peer counselling team on campus. Her specific research interests include youth and adolescent mental health issues and support, adolescent development in educational settings and adolescent responses to parenting. Her capstone thesis explores the role of individuals’ stress mindset in shaping their psychological resilience and performance in the learning context. She is a swimmer and enjoys theatre, playing music and boardgames and loves reading about how psychology can interweave with these interests!

Yu Chi Ying Meryl
(Class of 2022, Psychology)

Meryl is a Psychology senior at Yale-NUS College. Meryl hopes to translate what she has learnt at college into meaningful action and aspires to pursue higher studies in Educational Psychology, with a specific interest in developmental learning challenges and its intersections with mental health. Her honours thesis explores the effects of a values-alignment empathy training in adolescents. In her free time, Meryl enjoys exploring visual arts and taking her dog, Milo, for walks.

Soh Lin Min
(Class of 2023, Psychology)

Lin Min is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Life Sciences. She hopes to be a clinical child psychologist one day and increase the accessibility of mental health resources to youths. She is particularly interested in the use of early interventions to equip children and adolescents with emotion regulation techniques, allowing them to foster increased resilience amidst constant environmental changes. In her free time, Lin Min enjoys playing badminton and volleyball, and writing calligraphy!

Catherine Gonzalez | 2019 Bridging discipline program mentee, UT-Austin
Saniya Hirani | 2017 Honors thesis co-mentee, UT-Austin
Shelby Broaddus | 2015 IE pre-graduate school internship mentee, UT-Austin
Dominique Egger | 2014 Honors thesis mentee, UT-Austin
Cortney Simmons | 2013 SURE program summer internship mentee, UT-Austin