Our scholarly work has been made possible through invaluable mentorship and collaborative efforts among a diverse group of scholars and students at various institutions across the globe. Here, we acknowledge some of their profiles, with the hope of facilitating more active networking and intellectual collaboration onward.

Graduate Students


Teo Qiao Kang

NUS Psychology PhD candidate in Social Psychology

Qiao Kang is a third-year doctoral student at NUS Department of Psychology. His research interests lie in mindsets, self-regulation, and well-being. Qiao Kang hopes to make an impact in people’s lives by advancing knowledge on adaptive mindsets and self-regulation, and by refining and scaling up psychological interventions to promote achievement and well-being. In his free time, Qiao Kang enjoys cooking and architectural photography.

Title of Dissertation Thesis: Scalable Interventions to Cultivate Strategically Self-Regulated Learners.

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Students


Teoh Yi Jing

Yale-NUS College, Class of 2023

Yi Jing is a 4th-year Psychology Major and Urban Studies Minor. She is interested in the field of Public Health and how social determinants of health interact with issues of systemic inequality to affect population-level health outcomes. She is also interested in the accessibility of mental health resources to children and adolescents and hopes to work in a clinical setting with this population in the future. In her free time, you can find her shooting on her little film camera, on long nature walks or in the ocean scuba diving!

Title of Honors Thesis: Longitudinal Associations Between Parents’ Growth Mindset of Personality and Adolescent Stress Appraisal.

Soh Lin Min

Yale-NUS College, Class of 2023

Lin Min is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Life Sciences. She hopes to be a clinical child psychologist one day and increase the accessibility of mental health resources to youths. She is particularly interested in the use of early interventions to equip children and adolescents with emotion regulation techniques, allowing them to foster increased resilience amidst constant environmental changes. In her free time, Lin Min enjoys playing badminton and volleyball, and writing calligraphy!

Title of Honors Thesis: From Struggles to Strengths: Resiliency Training for College Students.

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Justin Leow Kang Yu

NUS Psychology, Class of 2023

Justin is a 4th-year student at NUS pursuing a major in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. His research interests include studying the effects of parental control on adolescent mental health and life outcomes, as well as gender sensitization and digital mental health interventions. Justin’s work experiences as a relief teacher in a special education school, and a programme coordinator at a student care centre inspired him to further his studies in adolescent psychology. Outside the lab, he is often spotted finding something to eat, playing with his dog, or hibernating.

Neo Minqi Rachel

NUS Psychology, Class of 2023

Rachel is a 4th-year Psychology major and Health & Social Science minor student at NUS. Her research interests are in the areas of developmental and educational psychology, specifically on adolescents’ self-regulation abilities, resilience and mental well-being. She is also interested in understanding the role of optimal experiences in adolescents’ development, in helping them thrive and achieve optimal growth. In her free time, Rachel enjoys going for walks while listening to some good music, as well as spending time with friends.

Ho Li Ting

NUS Psychology, Class of 2023

Li Ting is a Year 4 Psychology major and English Language and Linguistics minor at NUS. She is interested in how children and adolescents develop their socio-emotional regulation capabilities and how they cope with the everyday stressors of their lives. She is also interested in finding interventions to enhance children’s developmental and mental health outcomes. In her free time, Li Ting enjoys planning for her next overseas trip or catching up on the latest Korean or Chinese dramas!

Mak Ho Yu Jae

Yale-NUS Psychology, Class of 2025

Jae is a sophomore at Yale-NUS College intending to major in Psychology. Being fresh to this field, he is eager to explore the diverse branches that Psychology has to offer. In particular, Jae is interested to discover how parenting styles in Singapore (including his own) affects adolescents’ mindsets to adversity and life. In his free time, Jae likes to draw and sleep.

Tan Misaki

Yale-NUS College, Class of 2023

Misaki is a fourth-year Psychology student at Yale-NUS College. She hopes to further her studies in Forensic Psychology and is particularly interested in false confessions and interrogation tactics. She hopes to eventually contribute to research and application of how processes in the criminal justice system can be improved to reduce the probability of wrongful convictions. In her free time, she loves watching true crime, learning different jump rope tricks, and thinking about traveling.

Acelyn Aw Li Ping

NUS Psychology, Class of 2023

Acelyn is a Year 4 Psychology major at NUS and aspires to work with children and adolescents in the future. She joined the Social Learning and Development Lab in hopes of honing her research and analytical capabilities as well as better understand the work with adolescents in the research field. Specifically, she is interested in exploring how the emotion regulation abilities of adolescents affect their physical and mental health outcomes in this crucial developmental period of their lives. In her free time, Acelyn loves to explore nice eateries, spend time with her loved ones, and enjoys watching Korean variety shows.

Lab Alumni

Yu Chi Ying Meryl (Yale-NUS College Class of 2022, B. A. in Psychology with Honours) Capstone honors thesis titled “A Values-Alignment Empathy Training Intervention to Reduce Relational Aggression Among Singaporean Adolescents.” Meryl is a current research associate at Nanyang Technological University, Department of Psychology, The Early Cognition Lab.
Stefan Liew Jing Rui (Yale-NUS College Class of 2022, B. A. in Psychology with Honours) Capstone honors thesis titled “The Influence of Emotion on Empathic Accuracy: A Preliminary Study of Social Work Students and Social Service Volunteers.”, Stefan is a current Masters student at the University of Chicago, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.
Nicole Anoushka Nazareth (Yale-NUS College Class of 2022, B. A. in Psychology with Honours) Capstone honors thesis titled “Effects of Stress Mindset in Improving Students’ Resilience in Online Learning During the Global Pandemic.”, Nicole is a current research coordinator at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Centre for Sleep and Cognition.
Yashmit Lepcha (Yale-NUS College Class of 2021, B. A. in Psychology with Honours) Capstone honors thesis titled “Who Benefits From Online Social Feedback?: The Moderating Effects of Global Self-Esteem.”, Yashmit is a current research coordinator at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Centre for Sleep and Cognition.
Belinda Yan Shu Cheng (Yale-NUS College Class of 2021, B. A. in Psychology with Honours) Capstone honors thesis titled “Promoting Resilience During the First-Year College Transition at Yale-NUS College.”


Mentors & Research Collaborators


Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

Stanford University
Student Experience Research Network

Eddie Brummelman, Ph.D.

University of Amsterdam
Research Institute of Child Development and Education

Jeremy P. Jamieson, Ph.D.

University of Rochester
Social Stress Lab

Robert A. Josephs, Ph.D.

University of Texas at Austin
Clinical Neuroendocrinology Lab