The NUS Social Learning and Development Lab (SLDL) led by Dr. Hae Yeon Lee studies social and emotional experiences of adolescence and young adulthood in the diverse comtemporary developmental contexts. We are deeply curious about how young people navigate their social world and respond to modern challenges that can serve as unique opportunities to build strength and resilience. We are also passionate about leveraging psychological theories and practices to improve youths’ everyday social-emotional experiences into more adaptive directions.

We collaborate to design, implement, and test theoretically-informative social emotional learning programs for youths and young adults to promote their psychological resilience and healthier social emotional adjustment. To reach this goal, we work with, and learn from young people to discover deeper insights on their everyday experiences.

Lab News

+ Dr. Lee is accepting Master’s and Doctoral students through the NUS Psychology department. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the PI and apply.

+ We are recruiting new research assistants for AY2023-24. Interested students may apply here and contact the PI.

+ We are actively recruiting adolescents and parents for our laboratory research projects. If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the ongoing studies, please email us at PSYBOX29@nus.edu.sg for more information.